Door closer installation Macclesfield Cheshire

Here at Macclesfield Lock and Safe we are installing more door closers than ever, in fact installations of automatic door closers to business premises across the UK have grown to be more popular than ever these days. Public service buildings, offices, restaurants and shops all now understand the benefits of implementing this system, and of course it brings them up to date with the DDA (Disabled Discrimination Act) for access to premises.

Automatic door closers manage the pressure applied when opening and closing doors so actually ensure that your expensive door will be treated with care and not slammed shut or damaged by people in a rush! Many different people benefit from automatic door closers but on a day to day basis you will see the benefits enjoyed by parents with prams/buggies and wheelchair users, also if you are installing these to a shop premises it makes the use of shopping trolleys and customers with many bags a lot easier and avoids barging and kicking open of the door. In a standard office environment you will also see the benefit when employees are carrying laptops, files or taking deliveries, in the fast paced world we now live in people really do need these door closers more and more.

Other benefits that you might not have considered gaining through installing an automatic door closer include, cost savings associated with heating/air conditioning of the building, creating a modern and professional office environment, increasing footfall to a shop as no barrier to entry for passing customers with children, wheelchair users, the elderly or customers with their hands already full from a long day at the shops.

If you have any questions regarding the use of or installation of automatic door closers please feel free to give us a call on 01625 616711, we have MLA approved locksmiths fully trained on the installation process and will be happy to advise or quote for any work in the Cheshire and Staffordshire area.

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