In January 2016 a Which magazine survey found that most people find moving house more stressful than having a baby! With the endless list of companies to notify, friends and relatives to contact and the nights of packing up stuff you “might find a use for one day” it’s easy to see why calling your local locksmith might get forgotten or not seen as a priority, but as the Master Locksmith Assocation (MLA) and Police force advise, it is actually one of the first things you should do. When you think about it it’s quite obvious, you are about to put £1000’s worth of your items in a building that you have no idea who has keys for, not only will the previous owners still have keys, but it’s likely that the neighbours and any tradesmen used to to spruce the house up for the sale will also have a set. So why would you even consider not calling the local locksmith and asking for new locks to be fitted to the front and back door?

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